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12. A test of isometric gastroscoleus muscle strength was implemented. In 19 subjects, the mean isometric strength for the operated limb was 250.8 with a standard deviation of 130.9. We assume that these 19 patients constitute a random sample from a population of similar subjects. We wish to use these sample data to estimate a 95% confidence internal (CI) of the mean isometric strength after surgery. The 95% CI could be constructed as:

1. (187.7, 313.9)

2. (130.1, 214.8)

3. (130.1, 500.4)

4. (240.3, 350.6)

13. A study was conducted to investigate whether alcohol consumption and smoking are related. The following information was compiled for 600 individuals (below is a 2 by 2 table):

Which of the following statements is true?

1. The appropriate alternative hypothesis is A: Smoking and Alcohol Consumption are independent.

2. The appropriate null hypothesis is H: Smoking and Alcohol Consumption are not independent.

3. The calculated value of the test statistic is 3.84.

4. The calculated value of the test statistic is 7.86.

5. At level .01 we conclude that smoking and alcohol consumption are related.

18. True/False
Skewness and Kurtosis are used to test the assumptions of chi square test

19. True/False
Chi square test could be used to test the differences of two group means when the assumptions of t test are not met.

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