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Confidence interval for mean

Compute the confidence interval(s) of your data On a 29 count, for education, the mean is 12.62069,the mode is 12, as well as the median. For experience the mean is 24.51724138, the mode is 33, and the median is 22. Wages mean is 30383.06897, the median is 28168, and there was no mode found. For wages the range was 72604, variance 264540552.1, and standard deviation is 16264.70264. Experience range is 54, standard deviation is 15.02051143, and variance is 225.6157635. Education range is 14, the deviation 3.629382 and the variance is 13.17241. These numbers were calculated with the population study of ages 21 and older whose range was 44, median 42, and mode 57.

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Step by step method for computing confidence interval for mean.