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Medians and Congruent Points in Triangle

In Triangle Rst, medians RM, SN, and TP are congruent at point E

What is the point E called?
- I think it;s the centroid

If Re=24 find RM.

24 (2/3)= 16 Did I do this problem correctly? Im not sure if i multiply by 1/3 or 2/3...

The second part follows....
Ab is a chord of circle Q and ab=16cm. Radius QC is perpendicular to AB at D and QC=10 cm. Find QD

So when I mapped this out I thought Qd is 5 since Qc is 10. So i took half of that... Is this right or did i do something wrong ....I have a feeling this problem involes that phy. theorm but I am unsure