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Word analysis and probability are areas I still need help with:
1. A business in a proposed business venture, Stephanie Morrison estimates that there is a 60% chance she will make 80, 000 and a 40% chance she will lose $20,000. Determine Stephanie expected value.
2 . 30 basketballs (15 Spaulding, 10 Wilson, and 5 other name brand balls) are on the court. Barry Wood closes his eyes and picks up a ball from the court. Determine the probability that the ball selected is a Wilson or a Spaulding.

3. y^t= x
4. Express as an equivalent expression, using the individual logarithms of w, x, y, and z...


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(1) Expected value = Sumproduct of all the event value probabilities

= 0.60 * 80000 + 0.40 * (-20000)

= $40000

(2) Total balls on the court = ...

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