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MATH 1002 WK 5 A2

Probabilities and how to compute probabilities for simple events and compound events. Find the probability of dependent and independent events, etc. Please explain and show all steps of your work.
MATH 1002 WK 5 A2
1. The theoretical probability of undesirable side effects resulting from taking Grebex is 1 in 20. If 60 people take Grebex to lower their blood pressure, theoretically how many will encounter undesirable side effects?
2. A bag contains 16 yellow marbles, 6 green marbles, and 7 red marbles. What is the chance of drawing a green marble? If a yellow marble is drawn the first time and then a second marble is drawn without replacement, what is the probability of drawing a red marble? Give solutions exactly in reduced fraction form, separated by a comma.
3. The odds in favor of Sprinting Sarah winning the horse race are 19:3. Determine the probability that Sprinting Sarah wins the horse race
4. The odds against Trotting Louie winning the horse race are 15:2. Determine the probability that Trotting Louie wins the horse race.
5. A mini license plate for a toy car must consist of a letter followed by two numbers. Each letter must be a C, A or R. Each number must be a 3 or 7. Repetition of digits is permitted.
1. Use the counting principle to determine the number of points in the sample space.
2. Please construct a tree diagram to represent this situation
3. List the sample space.
4. Determine the exact probability of creating a mini license plate with a 7. Give solution exactly in reduced fraction form.
6. A factory worker places 103 newly created circuits on a shelf to be checked for quality. Of these, 11 will not work correctly. Suppose that she is asked to randomly select two circuits, without replacement, from the shelf. What is the chance that both circuits she selects will be defective? Show step by step work! Approximate the solution to the nearest ten thousandth.
7. The FM Radio stations with high signal strength in New Orleans break down into the following categories...
8. The pets a particular veterinarian saw yesterday break down into the following categories...
9. If North American casino roulette were fair, how much should it pay to a player who bets $20 on a single number and it comes up? The odds against winning a bet on a single number in North American casino roulette are
36 to 1.
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