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1. Calculate the value of the function at the designated input and explain the result. C(x) = 45.50x, where C(x) is the cost of buying x radios

a.Find the cost of buying 5 radios.
b.Find the cost of buying 8 radios.
c.Find the cost of buying 15 radios

2. In the following table R(t) is the quarterly revenue for an international tortilla producer t quarters after December 1999. Use the table to answer the following questions.

Find R(t) where t=4
What was the revenue 2 quarters after 1999.
What does t equal when R(t) = 466. (In other words, how many quarters after 1999 did the tortilla producer have a revenue of 466 million.)

Quarter Revenue in Millions of Dollars
1 460
2 452
3 474
4 483.8
5 466.0

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1. C(x) = 45.50x

a. Cost of buying 5 radios = C(5) = 45.50*5 = 227.5

b. Cost ...

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