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A few minor questions I'm trying to figure out.

All the following Native Americans were Sioux leaders except-
(A) Geronimo
(B) Red Cloud
(C) Crazy Horse
(D) Sitting Bull.

The last major conflict between the U.S army and Native Americans took place at-

(A) the Little Bighorn
(B) the Rosebud
(C) Sand Creek
(D) Wounded Knee

Farmers on the Great Plains were aided by
(A) Dry farming
(B) the Windmill
(C) Barbed wire
(D) all of these

In 1864, Colorado militia led by Colonel John Chivington killed over 100 Native American me, women and children in a Cheynne village at-

(A) the Little Bighorn
(B) the Rosebud
(C) Sand Creek
(D) Wounded Knee.

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Hello from Cleveland, Ohio.

An an American history buff let's see if I can help you out.

Question #1: (A) Geronimo is the answer as he was an Apache and not Sioux.

Question #2: (D) Wounded Knee. This site was the last major battle of the Indian wars. After the death of Sitting Bull, a band of Sioux, led by Big Foot, fled into the badlands, where they were captured by the 7th Cavalry on Dec. 28, 1890, and brought to the creek. On Dec. 29, the Sioux were ordered disarmed; but when a medicine man ...