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Apr 2015
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  • Master of Health Informatics (IP), University of Waterloo, 2016
  • MBT, University of Calgary, 2013
  • BSc, Cairo University, 2008


  • Health Sciences
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Respiratory tract disease

A 49-year-old white female presents with a cough (producing yellow-green sputum) that has been going on for 3 days. She has labored breathing even under slight exertion.

The patient is hypertensive and is being treated with metoprolol tartrate (a beta-blocker). She had a urinary tract i READ MORE »

Biology / Human Biology / Human Anatomy and Physiology » 604815

Environmental toxins

Hi Experts, I need help with this project.

1).I need help responding to the following scenario. With at least two references to support the
response. Citing all sources used in APA format.
A woman delivers a healthy baby just prior to starting a new job at a small manufacturing plant. Within a READ MORE »

Biology / Pharmacology and Toxicology » 605030

Informed Consent and Medical Treatment

Through case law and legislation, informed consent has come to be seen as the duty of physicians or their designees to obtain the patient's permission for treatment. This permission should be given only after the patient understands the treatment and supports its implementation. What do you think ab READ MORE »

Health Sciences / Health Care Ethics / Ethical Issues » 605108

Root Cause Analysis RCA

You are the Vice President of Quality at Harris Hospital. You are responsible for ensuring quality patient care, monitoring staff adherence to policy standards and conducting investigations following negative patient outcomes. There was a recent event whereby a patient received a drug resulting in a READ MORE »

Health Sciences / Health Care Management / Health Systems and Policy » 605779

USA Health legislation

Identify a federal law or regulation that impacts health care organizations (other than HIPAA). What is the reason for this law or regulation? What is its goal? Who benefits from it?

Health Sciences / Health Care Management » 621517
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