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Microbiology - letter to the editor regarding Gram staining procedure.

In 1884, Hans Christian Gram described a method of staining bacterial cells while not staining surrounding animal tissues; however, he thought the staining method he developed was faulty because not all bacteria stained. In a letter to the editor of the journal in which Gram published his findings, READ MORE »

Biology / Microbiology / Prokaryotic Cells » 442428

muscles, ATP energy and calcium ion

Explain the relation between muscles, ATP energy, and the calcium ion and please provide a reference.

Chemistry / General Chemistry » 459605

Oxygen Therapy and the Respiratory System

1. Explain why oxygen (through a tube or mask) is provided to patients who cannot breath (ventilate). There needs to be some reference to the partial pressures involved.
2. Why is the trachea surrounded by rings of cartilage while the esophagus is not?
3. In what respiratory structures will you fi READ MORE »

Biology / Human Biology / Human Anatomy and Physiology » 603501
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