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    Thomas Schulte

    Jul 2009
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    • BSc, Lawrence Technological University, 2001
    • MSc, Oakland University, 2008
    • Phd (IP), Oakland University, In Progress


    • Mathematics
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    About Thomas Schulte

    Tom Schulte is a software engineer by day and college mathematics instructor by night. He writes software and engineers solutions for a global SaaS (Software as a Service) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). He has been with company for fourteen years with a few years of professional software development before that. Much of the software written has been technical in nature: security framework, SPC (statistical process control), materials management, systems integration, ANOVA, and more. This has been fertile ground for applying his degrees in mathematics. Mr. Schulte also maintains a connection with mathematics and teaching by both teaching courses in mathematics as well as reviewing mathematics textbooks for an association of mostly teachers and professional mathematicians.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Constant Rate Word Problems

    This book describes constant rate word problems. Everything You Need to Know About Constant Rate Word Problems begins from perhaps the easiest concepts to work with: a speedometer, odometer, and clock. Students have a high comfort level with relating travel time to driving speed to distance covered. READ MORE »

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    Autopitch Control Charts with Control Limits

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