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Mar 2011
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  • BA, Fairleigh-Dickinson, 1992
  • MA, Missouri-St. Louis, 1994
  • Ph.D., Nebraska-Lincoln, 1999


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Everything You Need to Know About Political Ideology

Political ideas are philosophies and concepts that seek to both understand and reorder society. In the most general sense, they are approaches to comprehend the sources and purpose of social power. Ideology is at the root of most contemporary political and moral debates. Its main questions concern READ MORE »

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Cost Structure, Transaction, and Networks

Can you respond to these four questions with 2-3 paragraphs each citing some decent references?

1. Explain why the cost structure associated with many kinds of information goods and services might imply a market supplied by a small number of large firms.

2. At the same time some internet busi READ MORE »

Economics / Economics of Regulation / Regulated Industries » 507204

Co-evolutionary gaming

I have enclosed an article concerned with co-evolutionary gaming, and attached the questions with a diagram of the Jo-Hari window.

Psychology / Cross-Cultural Psychology » 512555

Thoughts Regarding Corporate Finance

Hi, I need some assistance understanding the following topic.

Topic: What are the most critical concepts involved with successful capital structure patterns? Can certain steps be overlooked? Why or why not?

Economics / Finance » 520010

Memory Perception and Attention

1. Fodor presents four alternative mental structures. Provide opinion and support for which of the four is superior to the others.

2. Compare Cui et al., Kelley & Lavie, and Ericsson & Kintsch regarding their overlapping methods. Design an experimental approach to further verify the Ericsson-Kin READ MORE »

Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Attention and Memory » 542082
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