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    Mark Graham

    May 2013
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    • Ed.S., Capella University, 2016
    • MA, The Pennsylvania State University, 2013
    • BSc, Geneva College, 2009


    • Education
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    About Mark Graham

    I was a licensed practical nurse for 15 years while at times working as a certified nursing assistant. While working as a LPN I also worked as an activities assistant where I would do basic counseling activities.

    I also hold various degrees ranging from a general education degree where I studied teacher education courses to human services/social work courses that gave me my second bachelors degree. This degree gave me an interest along with working and doing activities to pursue a Masters in counseling that lead to a Master’s in Education for I really liked the teaching aspect over the counseling aspect. Getting the Masters lead to learning how to teach more adults and then receiving a Post Master’s in College teaching that lead to me enrolling in a doctoral program in Reading and literacy. The only courses I have left to complete is my internship as well as my capstone dissertation.

    I also really like to read any and all books along with writing children’s stories.

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    Scores and Interpretations

    Psychologists often hear statements such as, "My child is in the 75th percentile in reading," or "The child has an IQ one standard deviation below the mean." Using Figure 3-6 (see attached file), describe to a novice the meaning of these statements, comparing them to other terms used when describing READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 544678

    Women's Roles as Army Nurses

    Address the role of women as army nurses. What opportunities did it create? Did it have a greater affect on one region than the other? Why or why not?

    History / North American History / North American History Since 1877 / Vietnam War » 544943

    Middle Childhood Discussion

    Before responding to this question, please read "A trip to the zoo: Children's words and photographs" research article. Note the key differences in photographs and descriptions between the younger and older children. Use this article and your understanding of cognitive development (especially Piaget READ MORE »

    Psychology / Developmental Psychology » 568873

    Ethical Profile

    Please respond to the following so I can have an example to look to to write my own ethics profile:

    1.Ethical Autobiography.
    First, explain how you think through and determine what is "right" and "wrong" (personally and professionally) in your own daily life. Second, Identify four examples o READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 543948

    Contextual Instruction

    Contextualized Instruction consists of three levels; teaching (strategy), curriculum (culturally relevant materials) and policy (specifically in collaboration with parents and communities). Create an activity/lesson that will address all three levels. The activity/lesson should draw on what the stud READ MORE »

    Education / Learning & Teaching » 549364
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