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Linda Chingosho

Dec 2013
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  • DBA (IP), Walden University, 2015
  • MBA, Walden University, 2013
  • HND, Harare Polytechnic College, 1997


  • Business

About Linda Chingosho

Linda has extensive experience in the field of Business Consulting and Corporate Strategy. She is highly competent in performing complex research work and through the skill of critical thinking, has written scores of academic papers at graduate level. Linda has consulted for over 100 new and existing businesses as well as provided peer reviews and business advice for various graduate students educated to doctorate level. Linda is well traveled; she has experience working and establishing businesses in the Canadian, U.S, U.K, and Southern African environments – this has enabled her to understand the operations of SME and multinational companies in great depth. Linda is a Walden University graduate; she holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in Project Management. Currently, she is actively pursuing a Doctoral degree in Business Administration (concentration – International Business and Information Security)..

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Inventory Turnover, Flotations Costs, and Equity Financing

1. Why would an inventory turnover ratio be more important for a retailer than a consulting firm?

2. Describe the various flotation costs from issuing stock. How do those flotation costs compare to those from issuing bonds?

3. What signals are provided to investors when a company obtains equi READ MORE »

Business / Finance » 596009

Calculating Cycle Times and Theoretical Minimum

9.11 Stanford Rosenberg Computing wants to establish an assembly line for producing a new product, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The tasks, task times, and immediate predecessors for the tasks are as follows:

Business / Operations Research » 602690

Concepts of a Product-Harm Crisis

1) What is a Product-Harm Crisis?
2) What are the factors that contribute to a Product-Harm Crisis?
3) A brief analysis of Product-Harm Crisis studies
4) Research synthesis

Business / Operations Research » 580525

Global Policy and Strategy

Why are some industries apparently more global than others? Identify one and support with your rationale.

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy / Globalization » 595937

Difference Between Data, Information, and Knowledge

In any business, the quality of decisions is often related to the quality of information. For instance, effective product marketing entails combining the right offering (keeping in mind that products are bundles of attributes and different bundles, or combinations of attributes, will appeal to diffe READ MORE »

Business / Business Management » 603410
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