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    • MSc, Indian Institute of Technology, 1999
    • PhD, Syracuse University, 2005


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    Everything You Need to Know About Math for General Chemistry

    This book describes the fundamental math concepts encountered in a typical one year course sequence of general chemistry. Topics include variable isolation, significant figures, unit conversions, logarithms, quadratic equations and graphing. Topics are introduced at an elementary level with a series READ MORE »

    Everything You Need to Know About Atomic Term Symbols

    This book describes the calculation of atomic term symbols. The term symbols for s, p, and d orbitals are calculated for a number of individual and mixed electron configurations. The selection rules for allowed transitions between energy states and a method of determining ground states for each conf READ MORE »

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    Organic Chemistry Exercises

    Please help with the following Organic Chemistry exercises.

    Please see the attachment for the full questions.

    1. Write a structural formula for each of the following compounds:
    a. isopropyl methyl ether
    b. trans-2-pentene oxide
    c. 3-ethoxyhexane
    d. ethylene glycol dipropyl ether

    2. Name READ MORE »

    Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Organic Reactions » 499606

    Organic Chemistry - Sample Questions

    1. Write a structural formula for each of the following acids:
    a. 4-oxohexanoic acid
    b. 2-hydroxy-3-methylhexanoic acid
    c. 2-chloropentanedioic acid
    d. p-bromophenylacetic acid

    2. Name each of the following acids (see attached).

    3. In each of the following pairs of acids, which would be READ MORE »

    Chemistry / Organic Chemistry / Organic Reactions » 500657

    Bomb and Radiation

    Consider a van parked in a lot outside a professional football stadium in Atlanta, GA on a Sunday afternoon. One ounce of radioactive isotope Cesium 137 was mixed in with the explosive that has been detonated and has caused considerable blast damage. The dust cloud carries toward the nearby downtown READ MORE »

    Chemistry / Organic Chemistry » 502052

    Determining Optically Active Forms

    Which of the following substances can exist in an optically active form?
    a. 1,3-dibromopropane
    b. ethyl cyclohexane
    c. 3-ethylpentane

    Please refer to the attachment for full problem set.

    Chemistry / Organic Chemistry » 488749
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