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Deborah Affentranger

Apr 2015
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  • BA, University of Central Oklahoma, 1982
  • BA, University of Central Oklahoma, 1997
  • MA, Southern Nazarene University, 1999


  • Education
  • Art, Music, and Creative Writing
  • Drama, Film, and Mass Communication
  • English Language and Literature

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Academic Feedback

Feedback that focuses on areas for improvement? How should that be handled? Is feedback that notes areas that the student needs to work on de-motivating?
Can you please provide three peer reviewed APA reference so I can provide additional information to my discussion.

Education / Learning & Teaching / Engaging Students and Motivation » 608953

Empirical Articles in Trait Theory and Skills Theory

Can you help me to locate two empirical articles on the first empirical article will be related to trait theory.
The second article will be related to skills theory.

Education / Philosophy of Education » 608797

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