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Feb 2007
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Perform many calculations and show the formulas used for each step.

My school required me to pick a class outside of my field of study in Information Security and halfway through, I realize I mad a poor choice. The first half of the class was Ohms Law and a few other simple formulas and wasn't that bad.

See attached for full problem description.

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 138329

Magnitude of ac input

Magnitude of ac input. See attached file for full problem description.

FIGURE 4(a) shows the circuit of a resistive load fed from a rectifier, via a filter. The filter is designed to remove unwanted a.c. that might be present in the output of the rectifier.
To test the performance of the filter READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 140404

Voltage Out and Voltage In Calculations

In the schematics, ground and chassis may be assumed to be common, unless specifically stated otherwise. Unless otherwise specified, assume that Op-Amps are ideal and that supply voltages are +/- 15 V.

3. Given that:
VD1 = 0.7V at ID1= 1 mA, n = 1 for diode D1
R1 = 500 ohms, R2 = 100 oh READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 155361

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