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Feb 2014
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Probability: Analysis of Variance

How would you explain the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before?

Mathematics / Probability » 591740

Exponential Function V(t)

A fax machine is purchased for $5,800. Its value each year is about 80% of the value of the preceding year. So after t years the value, in dollars, of the fax machine, V(t), is given by the exponential function

V(t) = 5800 (0.8)t.

a. Give a sketch of the graph of the function V(t). Your READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Functional Analysis » 585803

Region Infected by Parasite Exponential Decay Functions

Question 1

The population of honey bees in a region is infected by a parasite that kills off bees, so that the number of bees decreases with time. Numbers of bees are usually measured by the number of 'colonies' (groups of bees living
together) since it is very difficult to measure the e READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Linear Algebra » 627357

Parametric & Rectangular Equations, Slope & Concavity

I am in a fast-paced Calculus course where I must learn new concepts each week; I find it challenging to grasp the concepts while remaining on-pace and I am experiencing great difficulty. I am really finding it difficult to grasp the concept of Parametric & Rectangular Equations, Slope & Con READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Functional Analysis » 627388

Convert Radians to Degrees

2π radians = 360 degrees = 1 cycle = 1 revolution
T (period in time/cycle) = 1/f (frequency in cycles/time), and ω = 2πf
For circular motion: s = rθ, where s = distance in units of length, r = radius, θ = angle in radians
ω = angular velocity (or angular frequency) in radians/time or revol READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Basic Calculus » 613294
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