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Feb 2014
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Probability: Analysis of Variance

How would you explain the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before?

Mathematics / Probability » 591740

Exponential Function V(t)

A fax machine is purchased for $5,800. Its value each year is about 80% of the value of the preceding year. So after t years the value, in dollars, of the fax machine, V(t), is given by the exponential function

V(t) = 5800 (0.8)t.

a. Give a sketch of the graph of the function V(t). Your READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Functional Analysis » 585803

Convert Radians to Degrees

2π radians = 360 degrees = 1 cycle = 1 revolution
T (period in time/cycle) = 1/f (frequency in cycles/time), and ω = 2πf
For circular motion: s = rθ, where s = distance in units of length, r = radius, θ = angle in radians
ω = angular velocity (or angular frequency) in radians/time or revol READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Basic Calculus » 613294


Write using exponents.

Simplify. Show your work.
5 1/3 +(-3 9/18)

What type of measurement would you use to describe the amount of water a pot can hold?

Estimate the sum of 9.327 + 5.72 + 4.132 to one decimal place.

State whether the number 91 is prime, composite, or n READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 577499

Basic Algebra - Simplifying Radicals

See the attached file.

Problem 66.
y^1/3 y^1/3
Now we have to simplify the problem. Looking at the problem and identifying what every part of the problem is we get that "y" is the principal root and it is being raised to an nth root, the 1 in the exponent is the power and the 3 in the exponen READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra / Basic Algebra » 577380
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