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Stereotype and Heuristics

The use of stereotypes and heuristics can lead a doctor to an incorrect diagnosis. How could the doctor effectively identify the degree to which stereotypes and heuristics are an influence on diagnoses? What tactic might the doctor use to mitigate the effects of stereotypes and heuristics when makin READ MORE »

Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Cognitive Psychology Theories and Theorists » 602482

Case study analysis: Personality disorder


You are a counselor for a major metropolitan police force. Your job is to interview persons who are referred to you by superiors, who voluntarily come to you for counseling, or who, because of a specific incident, are mandated by departmental regulations to seek your counsel. On the last READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Personality Disorders / Dramatic-Erratic Personality Disorders » 603214

Neuroscience and linguistics

Neuroscience and linguistics have, at face value, little in common methodologically. Beginning with the Linguistics Department of Carnegie Mellon University, identify methodological commonalities between the two. How have these methodological commonalities advanced knowledge in the each of the two f READ MORE »

Psychology / Cognitive Psychology / Cognitive Psychology Theories and Theorists » 608214

Substance abuse/PTSD assessment

I could use some help with this:

As Chapter 6 begins, you are introduced to the case study of Pedro, which concludes at the end of the chapter. Evaluate the counselor's assessment, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations for Pedro as presented in your Reading, and then answer the following quest READ MORE »

Psychology / Developmental Psychology » 609559

Planning a developmentally-appropriate treatment plan

Need some help with this:

The impact of addiction is intense for any individual regardless of age. As psychology professionals have become more focused upon the growing elder adult population, it has become evident that even seniors are not exempt from the challenges of addictive behavior.

Psychology / Developmental Psychology » 610745
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