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Mar 2011
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  • B.S., Northern Michigan University, 1979
  • M.A., Northern Michigan University, 1989
  • PhD, Oklahoma State University, 1995


  • English Language and Literature

About Allen Learst

I have been teaching creative writing, composition, and literature for 20 years. I am a published writer whose work appears in numerous literary magazines. My book DANCING AT THE GOLD MONKEY was published in 2012. I am a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin.

The work I enjoy doing for students at BrainMass is editing student manuscripts and business letters. I have many years experience in this area and I’m good at what I do. So I hope to be able to help more students succeed by helping them with their communication skills. Thank you so much for considering me as your tutor. See you on BrainMass!

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Compare and Contrast Literary Forms

Summarize the major differences between forms of drama, poetry, and short story. I understand the elements of tragic and comedy drama, poetry and short story, but I do not get how I am supposed to compare and contrast them all to each literary form, could you please help me with this?

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts » 404408

Argument essay help

Using teen pregnancy and prenatal care, conduct research and write a plan for a research paper on your issue that will be written. The purpose of your research is to locate sources related to the topic in order to become more informed of the issue as discussed in credible outside sources and the READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 389021

Literature: A Reflection of Life

The class is LITR201-1303A-01: Literature: A Reflection of Life. I need help in understanding how to go about the following:

1. Short Stories: Analyze the elements of fiction, including setting, characters, point of view, plot, symbolism, themes, tone and irony. Cite specific examples from th READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 552018

Recognizing the difference between literary genres. A tutorial and analysis in understanding the difference between drama, poetry, and short story structure and form.

Almost everyone has read a story, poem, or seen a play at some point in his or her life. But if someone asked you to talk about the form or structure of these three genres, your answer may take some time to formulate. Here's a brief description of how to discuss and compare each genre.

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts / Poetry » 404511
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