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May 2012
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  • BComm (Honours), Delhi University, 2004
  • MA, Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2007
  • Chartered Accountant (IP), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, 2013


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Healthcare Budget Variance

Use template attached*******

Budgeting is an important activity within every healthcare organization. The particular challenges encountered, however, can vary depending on the type of organization. A state or federally funded organization, for example, will likely have a budget that is allocated READ MORE »

Business / Accounting / Management Accounting / Budgets » 629355

Financial Management Questions on Net worth, Shares, exchange rates

1. Cash Equation: McConnell Corp. has a book net worth of $16,500. Long-term debt is $7,800. Net working capital, other than cash is, $1,900. Fixed assets are $20,700. How much cash does the company have? If current liabilities are $2,750, what are current assets?

2. Rights Offerings: Again, Inc. READ MORE »

Business / Finance / International Finance / Foreign Exchange Rates » 568092

Budget Constraint - Indifference Curve of Imperfect Substitutes

Please help with the following problems. Provide diagrams and step by step calculations.

Josh has $100 available for school supplies, S, and food, F, from Meijer (Local general merchandise store). The price of each unit of school supplies is $1 and each unit of food is $1. Josh spends $10 on 10 READ MORE »

Economics / Finance / Personal Finance & Savings » 502035

Contains detailed step by step solution of two distinct problems. First concerning separation of total cost into Fixed and Variable cost. Second related to estimating cash collection.

1. Falstags Brewery has estimated $63,375, $68,625, and $73,875 budgeted costs for the manufacture of 3,500, 4,500, and 5,500 gallons of beer, respectively, next quarter.

What are the variable and fixed manufacturing costs in the flexible budget for Falstags Brewery?

2. Sales on account f READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Working Capital Management / Cash Budgeting » 540446
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