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Analysis and summary of "Sweat"

Please do an analysis and summary of "Sweat" by Zora Neale Hurston (Short Story)
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The story begins with the protagonist, Delia, sorting out clothes in her home in Florida. She is a "washerwoman" who likes to work late on Sunday to get a head start on the week. As she wonders where her husband has gone off to on her horse, she feels something wrap around her neck like a snake, only to find out that it is her husband standing behind her with a bullwhip. She gets angry at him for this and start to yell. He starts to yell at her back because he thinks that she is wearing white people's clothing in the house which he does not like. As he continues to verbally abuse her, she suddenly picks up a skillet and tries to hit him as she screams about how hard she has been ...