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"Revenge of the Pork Person"

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Who is the intended audience?

It seems to me that Mr. Barry is writing predominantly to anyone who can laugh at themselves. Why do I suggest this? Because he tends to denigrate (in a humorous way) both men and women. He's revealing the silliness in each of us. He makes us laugh at the men for their complete lack of self-respect, their complete inability to take care of themselves, and their complete lack of any sense of personal grooming. Now, we know that this is an exaggeration and a stereotype which is not relevant to all men. In fact, as men we might even find this description offensive (if it wasn't at least partly true for some men). Now, as women, we also see reflected in his wit the somewhat strange truth that the stereotype works just the opposite here. Whereas the stereotype slob of a man could care less about his personal appearance or grooming, the ...