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Prepositions and Vocabulary

Question 1
Put correct preposition in the blank.
1. chicken ___ from going down the ski hill (meaning: lose courage)
2. pig ___ the restaurant (meaning: eat too much)
3. make ____ in the park (meaning: kiss passionately)
4. pick ___ a woman at a nightclub (meaning: ask for a date)
5. make ___ a white lie (meaning: create)
6. let in ___ a secret (meaning: tell)
7. back ___ a car (meaning: go in reverse)
8. give ___ a camera (meaning: return)
9. pitch ___ to help with the chores (give a hand)

Question 2
Match words from Group A to Group B.

Group A
(1) surreal
(2) heckle
(3) go stag
(4) fidelity
(5) develop a thick skin
(6) schmaltzy
(7) casket
(8) do impressions
(9) be nuts
(10) secrete

Group B
(a) mimic; impersonate
(b) become tough
(c) corny; over-sentimental
(d) a fancy coffin
(e) yell out to show displeasure at someone
(f) imaginary
(g) a homeless person; a panhandler; a bum
(h) mate for life
(i) come out
(j) be crazy as a loon


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