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Comp Transmission Line Lumped Element vs Distributed Model

Compare a lumped element model of a lossless transmission line (single L and C) with the distributed model. Use the following values for the transmission line in this comparative analysis.

Vg = 5 V
Zg = 50 ohms
L' = 100 nH/m
C' = 100 pF/m
ZLoad = 100 ohms

For the lumped model, represent the entire line by L = L' l, C = C' l, etc. and solve for VLoad using standard circuit analysis techniques.

For the distributed model, use the transmission line equations for Zo, Reflection coefficient (r), Zin, Vo+ and VL.

For both cases, express the equations in terms of l/lambda. Please show the derivation of the equations used.

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In lumped Model, we use circuit analysis to derive equations in terms of the unit line capacitance and inductance, multiply by the line ...

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A lossless transmission line is compared using the lumped element model and the distributed model and determining the voltage across a known load. Equations are derived to show how this comparison takes place