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Qualitative Data Analysis - Article Analysis

Select two research articles on a counseling topic of your choice; one that uses quantitative or statistical procedures, and one that is qualitative in its approach.

Summarize the qualitative research article you selected and provide a citation. Be sure to state how you know the article was qualitative. Discuss the data analysis techniques used and their impact on the credibility of the results and conclusions.

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Postabortion Contraception: Qualitative Interviews On Counseling and Provision of Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive Methods. (includes abstract); Morse, Jessica; Freedman, Lori; Speidel, J. Joseph; Thompson, Kirsten M.J.; Stratton, Laura; Harper, Cynthia C.; Perspectives on Sexual & Reproductive Health, 2012 Jun; 44 (2): 100-6 (journal article - research) ISSN: 1538-6341 PMID: 22681425 CINAHL AN: 2011574920

Qualitative research studies use subjective data collection tools such as participant observation, in-depth interviews, etc. to collect data ...

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Qualitative data analysis is examined for article analysis. The qualitative research articles are determined.