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Critical Incident Planning and Critical Incident Management

Accepting the fact that the bilingualism is not going to go away,
â?¢What can we do to address Bi-Lingual Issues in our workplaces?
â?¢Should there be Federal Requirements?
â?¢Should the Federal Government use Taxpayer Money to fund solutions?

Support your opinions.

Discuss the benefits of Critical Incident Planning and effective Critical Incident Management.

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One of the best things that we can do to address bilingual issues at the workplace, is to engage in efforts to make it possible for bilingual individuals to function more efficiently and effectively within the workplace. It may even be necessary for organizations to sponsor educational workshops in which employees that have English as a second language, are given instruction in English in order to improve their ability to communicate with coworkers. This English instruction does not have to be highly advanced or sophisticated in nature, but must teach the basics of the language that is needed for effective communication between these workers and their ...