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    Principles of Mathematical Economics

    Mathematical economics is the application of mathematical methods to represent theories and analyze problems that apply to economics. The applied methods which are used include integral calculus, difference and differential equations, matrix algebra, mathematical programming and computational methods. Mathematics allows economists to form meaningful, testable proposition about wide-ranging and complex subjects. Most of the economic theory is currently presented in terms of mathematical economic models, a set of stylized and simplified mathematical relationships asserted to clarify assumptions and implications.

    Many theories in classical economics can be presented in simple geometric terms or elementary mathematical notation. Mathematical economics makes use of calculus and matrix algebra in economic analysis in order to make powerful claims that would be more difficult without such mathematical tools. It has become increasingly dependent upon mathematical methods and the mathematical tools it employs. 

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    Calculating the Annual Equivalence

    An automated MIG welder is needed to add to production. This equipment has an initial purchase and installation cost of $3200. In addition, it has yearly operation costs of $200 and maintenance costs of $50. Each year we expect an additional $1,000 in revenue resulting from this purchase. It is expected to have a salvage valu

    Determine the net present worth for Hollingsworth Machine Group

    Hollingsworth Machine Group needs a new precision grinding wheel. If 12% is the acceptable return for Hollingsworth, determine the net present worth of one of the best alternatives. Cost =$80,000 Useful life = 5 years Annual Cost=$12,000 Salvage Value=$10,000

    Mathematical Economics-Price and output determination

    1. Assume you are the manager of a firm that holds a patent that makes it the exclusive manufacturer of a unique SD card. Based on the estimates provided by a consultant, you know that the relevant demand and cost functions for this SD card are Q = 120 - 2P; C = 20 + 2.5Q2. What are the levels of quantity and price when you

    Capital Budgeting Techniques: IRR Method

    See the attached file for full problem. A particular operation at a manufacturing company costs $100,000 per year in labor costs. A proposal is made to automate this operation with a robot. The cost of the robot, the controller, and ancillary systems is $200,000 installed. It has a 10-year life and no market value at the end

    Asset replacement and capital budgeting

    The plant has accumulated savings of $60,000 to acquire a new machine for quality assurance of its products. The new quality control machine cost $80,000. The extra $20,000 needed to acquire the new machine will be finance through a loan at 6% annual interest with the principal ($20,000) due at the end of the third year. The inc

    Cash Flow Problems With Gazprom

    After reading a financial article, which cash flows (present, future, annuity, or gradient) is implied or mentioned in the article?

    Engineering Economics Problems

    2. A machine is under consideration for a new manufacturing process. The interest rate is 10% computed semiannually. Compute the future worth of this alternative: First cost = $70,000 Semiannual cost = $6,000 Semiannual income = $18,000 Salvage value = $9,000 Life in years = 5 4. You deposit $5,000 in a savings cert

    Calculating the present equivalent cost for given proposals

    The projected annual sales of new product are projected to be $25,000 the first year and increase by $10,000 per year until $55,000 are sold during the fourth year. Sales are then predicted to decrease by $5,000 per year in the fifth year and each year thereafter until $25,000 are sold in the tenth year. Proposal A is to pur

    Supply - demand and elasticity

    The demand for good X has been estimated to be ln Qxd = 100 − 2.5 ln PX + 4 ln PY + ln M. The income elasticity of good X is: 4.0. 1.0. 2.0. −2.5. What is the value of a preferred stock that pays a perpetual dividend of $150 at the end of each year when the interest rate is 3 percent? Instructio

    Math Question

    Say there is a market for a certain drug consists of domestic (United States) consumers and foreign consumers. The drug's marginal cost is constant at $5 per dose. The demand schedules for both regions are as follows: US Foreign Price Quantity Quantity $60 1,000 200 55 1,500 250 50 2,500

    Aggregate Demand Curve and Federal Reserve Policy

    1. A change in the real money supply can result either from a change in the normal money supply through Federal Reserve policy (holding the price level constant) or from a change in the price level ( holding the normal money supply constant). The change in the nominal money supply causes a shift of the aggregate demand curve, wh

    Combined Bundle Package Benefits

    A cable company offers two basic packages: sports and kids, and a combined package. there are three different types of users: parents, sports fans, and generalists. The following table show the maximum price that each type of consumer is willing to pay for each package. Sports Package

    Second-Degree Price Discrimination Benefits

    Suppose that individual demand for a product is given by QD = 1000 - 5P. Marginal revenue is MR = 200 - 0.4Q, and marginal cost is constant at $20. There are no fixed costs. a. The firm is considering a quantity discount. The first 400 units can be purchased at a price of $120, and further units can be purchased at a price o

    Breakeven point, shutdown point, and supply curve

    The following graph shows the cost curves for perfectly competitive firm. Identify the: (See Graph 02) -Shutdown point -Breakeven point -the firm's short-run supply curve *See attachment for Graph

    Comparison of Web Markup Languages

    I) Name the different Web markup languages and explain the differences among them. II) Name five basic functionalities a Web server should provide. III) What are some of the policies that e-commerce businesses must develop before launching a site, and explain why must they be developed?

    Economic Character of a Project

    Using the information in the attached file, determine both the shortest amount of time in which the project schedule can be crashed without exceeding $7K and the project critical path that resulted from crashing the project.

    Calculate the retirement payments

    An engineer on the verge of retirement has accumulated savings of $200,000 in an account paying 10% compounded quarterly. 1. The engineer wishes to withdraw $7000 each quarter for living expenses. For how long can he/she withdraw that full amount? 10 years 12.5 years 15 years 25 years For as long as he/she lives.

    Cinema Theater 3rd-Degree Price Discrimination

    Cinema Theater has estimated the following demand functions for its movies: Daytime demand, Qd = 400 - 50Pd Nighttime demand, Qn = 200 - 20Pn The marginal cost of serving another customer is $5 and its fixed costs are $100. a. If the theater uses third degree price discrimination, what price will it charge for daytime t

    Herfindahl Index (HHI)

    Suppose the market for toy trains is comprised of the following seven competitors with the indicated market shares: Little Toot Toys 55% Trains R Us 3% I Think I Can 25% Thomas Trains 3% Engines, Inc. 8% The Fastest Trains 2% Silver S

    Loan Payment Problems

    At the beginning of the year you take out a loan of $60,000 at 12% annual interest rate compounded monthly. The minimum monthly payment on the first day of each month is 3% of the amount owed or $10, whichever is greater. You may assume that a year is evenly divided into 12 months. (1) Suppose you make 11 minimum monthly pay

    Interest and Limits

    Please see attachment for question. If the annual interest rate is r, then the effective interest for a time period of length T with compounding frequency N is given by the following equation (see that attached file for the equation). (1) Show by algebra that r(T,N) = (1 + rT/N)^N - 1. (2) What is the limit r(T) = lim(N

    Black-Scholes Formula Price

    Calculate of the price of a call option by binomial tree models and compare the results with the theoretical Black-Scholes formula. Parameters: Strike price = $120; Expiration time = 1 year; Annual interest rate = 0.05; Stock volatility = 0.35. For the initial stock price, S0 = 100.45 Requirements: 1. Find the price

    MPC and MPS

    Explain the relationship between the marginal propensity to consume and the marginal propensity to save. How do these two components affect GDP?

    Constrained optimization problem

    Step by step explanation/solution Brian is taking three courses this semester: economics, statistics, and finance. He has decided to spend 19 hours per week studying (in addition to attending all his classes) and his objective is to maximize his average grade, which means maximizing the total of his grades in the three course

    Two equal sized newspapers have overlap circulation of 10% (10% of the subscribers subscribe to both newspapers.) Advertisers are willing to pay $10 to advertise in one newspaper but only $19 to advertise in both, because they're willing to pay twice to reach the same subscriber. What's the likely bargaining

    Two equal sized newspapers have overlap circulation of 10% (10% of the subscribers subscribe to both newspapers.) Advertisers are willing to pay $10 to advertise in one newspaper but only $19 to advertise in both, because they're willing to pay twice to reach the same subscriber. What's the likely bargaining

    Economics of Merger

    An industry consists of 6 firms, with sales of $100,000, $500,000, $400,000, $300,000, 60,000, and $75,000. Now, suppose the two smallest firms merge. a. Calculate the four-firm concentration ratio (C4) before the merger. Show your work. b. Calculate the four-firm concentration ratio (C4) after the merger. Show your work. c

    Additional Funds Needed Equation

    Please assist in answering the following questions. Please show work in Excel. Baxter Video Products' sales are expected to increase by 20% from $5 million in 2010 to $6 million in 2011. Its assets totaled $4 million at the end of 2010. Baxter is already at full capacity, so its assets must grow at the same rate as projected sa

    Nash Equlibrium/Payoffs

    4. The table below shows the payoffs two competing firms, Cole and Martin, face in the decision to reduce their price or retain their current price. Cole Lower Price Retain Price Martin Lower Price Cole 70K Martin 80K Cole 40K Martin 100K Retain Price Cole 100K Martin