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    Writing an In-Class Essay

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    Emeline Bakaj, MA (#110649)

    This book discusses the proper way to write a five paragraph essay under the time constraints of an in-class assignment. This type of assignment is very popular in high school and college, so it is important to understand the purpose and the format of it. This guide will serve as a valuable tool in this process! Since writing memos and correspondences under the constraints of a deadline is also very common outside of school and in the workplace, a good mastery of the concept will be very beneficial. This book describes the steps needed to write a dynamic in-class essay. By learning this basic essay format, the writer will be prepared to conquer all types of writing in a variety of situations.

    This book is ideal for high school students, college students, English as a second language students, and students who have been removed from an academic setting for a number of years. It will provide a step-by-step process in which to create a dynamic in-class and succeed in the assignment. Students will find the easy-to-follow guide a valuable tool when creating a essay as well as a good set of notes to study from for their next writing exam.

    Thank you for reviewing this book! I hope that it helps in your writing ventures and that you are able to create strong and well-written in-class essay with it as a guide.

    An Introduction to Writing an In-Class Essay

    Most students would agree that writing an in-class essay is a dreadful experience! But it does not have to be. With some organization and a good plan, the writing process can be seemingly painless and even fun. This guide will help with the organization of an in-class essay. Included will be information about choosing a topic, creating a thesis, and producing a polished final paper.
    Throughout school, students will be challenged to write in-class essays for assignments, exams, and standardized testing for state mandates and college admissions. This process usually involves being assigned a single question and having to respond to it in a set amount of time. Depending on the requirements, the response can be a short-answer paragraph or a full essay.
    Planning is the most important aspect when faced with an in-class writing assignment and the key to a successful essay. Some key components to initially consider include:
    Knowing the requirements for the essay
    Taking a moment to reflect on the topic
    Developing a good thesis
    Writing relevant content to support the thesis
    Using correct grammar and sentence structure to produce clear content

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