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    The Basics of Research Methodology

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    Erica Falk-Huzar EdS, MBA, HS-BCP (#107165)

    This book provides you with the basics of research methodology for the social sciences. Understanding research methods provides you with a basic foundation of further and more specific research. To find the best method for your research topic, you need to have a basis that will help you make the most of your research. Whether you’re a novice researcher or an expert in your field, understanding the basics of research methods can significantly affect and improve your exploration of the subject matter you are studying.

    This book is ideal for university students in the beginning of their studies in research methodology and especially for graduate students wanting to better understand the basics of research methods.

    An Introduction to The Basics of Research Methodology

    According to Kothari (2004), a research method is a blueprint of a research project that is comprised of a research procedure, which makes the research study efficient yielding the maximum information while reducing the expenditure of effort, money, and time. Research studies in the social sciences are carried out in accordance with scientific methods standards. Research methods can be classified into three categories: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research.

    Research is undertaken in the social sciences to find details about a particular concern, to answer questions, and to seek out explanations regarding certain objects and phenomena in the reality they know. The answers become universal knowledge, theories, and laws, which become instrumental in development, especially in technology driven social, economic, political, and even environmental change.

    One of the best ways to fully grasp research concepts is to actually perform research. This is something that YOU can do. You can drive social change and you can do so by understanding research methods in their simplest form.

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