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    The Philosophy of Religion

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    This book describes the four basic arguments for the existence of God; the Ontological, Cosmological, Teleological and Moral arguments for God s existence. This book will also offer an explanation of the Problem of Evil in dealing with questions of God s existence. Lastly, this eBook includes a discussion of the Faith versus Reason debate within the history of philosophy of religion. This book is ideal for students studying Philosophy of Religion or Theology.

    An Introduction to The Philosophy of Religion

    Philosophy, in general, is finding the meaning and truths about the world around us. Philosophy of Religion is the branch on the tree of philosophy that seeks to find the truth, meanings and concepts of the universe, and understand God and faith. Religions tend to make truth claims about God and the universe. Human reason draws out the logical conclusions; basic beliefs which are derived from the way we perceive the world, giving us a different faith orientation.

    The domain of controversy within the field of Philosophy of Religion revolves around whether or not we can understand or explain the universe. Arguments for God s existence say that we cannot understand the universe without the postulation of the existence of a divine reality. In other words, we cannot even begin to understand the universe unless we first suppose that God does exist. Conversely, the arguments against the existence of God maintain that scientific evidence points away from the existence of a divine reality.

    Faith tells us to believe that the concept that we have of God gives us explanations for His nature, why the things beyond our comprehension exist for us. Our reason forces to sometimes doubt this faith. As a result, an interplay between faith and reason brings about a debate within the field of Philosophy of Religion. By looking at these arguments for and against the existence of God, as well as the progression and development of thought within the faith versus reason debate, one can assess which side of the fence he or she stands.