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    Overcoming Speech Anxiety

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    AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA (#115522)

    Everything You Need to Know about Overcoming Speech Anxiety will help you use your “jitters” in a positive way to make a great presentation. This book describes in detail the techniques that celebrities and college students use all the time that help them to be successful performers and presenters.

    The nerves associated with the thought of facing an audience are not necessarily a negative occurrence. In fact, when applied correctly to the speaking situation, these nerves can be very positive and helpful to how you deliver your presentation. As a college student, you will appreciate learning and applying these methods of overcoming speech anxiety and get the maximum grade possible for your assigned presentation. As a college graduate, you are really going to appreciate knowing what it takes to use these fears in a positive way when you are called upon to give a presentation at your workplace.

    The techniques in this book are simple and when consistently used will result in you always giving a fearless and strong presentation, even with the jittery feeling. Believe it or not, there really is a way to make a presentation with the nervous feelings and have it come out awesome! I taught and demonstrated these methods to my students and all of them learned how to use their uneasiness to their advantage. I will teach and demonstrate these same techniques to you in this book.

    Everything You Need to Know about Overcoming Speech Anxiety has what you need to be a successful presenter for your college classes as well as in your workplace. This book will help you to prepare and present awesome presentations for your college courses and for your workplace too!

    This book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate college students who are given assignments to make a presentation and are fearful.

    An Introduction to Overcoming Speech Anxiety

    Can you guess what Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods, Julia Roberts, Aristotle, and Sir Isaac Newton all have (had) in common? They all have “Glossophobia.”

    “Glossophobia” is the term to describe the fear of public speaking. According to an article in the Huffington Post, people fear speaking in front of an audience more than they fear death. In fact, some people said that they would rather die than face an audience. If you are among the people with “Glossophobia” then this book is just for you.

    In most classroom assignments that involve giving a presentation, you have very little choice as to whether or not you give your presentation; your overall course grade depends on it. So, that being the case, rather than letting the jitters get the best of you use the techniques that are in this book. They are same ones that famous people use to overcome their fears.

    In addition to the listing of techniques to overcome speech anxiety, I will also share some true life stories of two students who would literally fight each other to be last to give their presentations in the beginning of the semester, but toward the end of the semester, they fought each other to go first to make their presentation. They would have fist fights right there in my classroom.

    We are all familiar with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous quote: “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself,” but did you ever consider this to be applicable to the fear of public speaking? I did, but not until I too faced this fear when I was in high school and realized that if I wanted to be a teacher someday, I had to get over my fear of public speaking. So, I joined the “Speech Club.” I thought what better way to be prepared to speak in front of a class?” It turned out that this decision is one of the smartest decisions I ever made in my entire life. What happened was truly amazing. I went from becoming a shy, very sheepish type of speaker, to becoming a strong, entertaining and sought after guest presenter. What turned the tide for me are practice, poise, and the practicing of presentations over and over again with positive encouragement. The same transformation can happen for you. All you need to do is have an open mind and a determination like I had when I was in high school.

    Some people never get over their fear of public speaking such as the aforementioned celebrities. However, as we all can see, every one of these celebrities found a way to overcome and conquer their “Glossophobia” and you can too!

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    AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA

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    Watching people have “ah-ha” moments is motivation for my work. For the past 35 years, I have been involved in writing and presenting various topics to various audiences ranging from 3 to 3000. I have authored two published books, many articles and blogs. After earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care Management from Colorado Technical University Online, I directed a free dental clinic for 3 years and worked on a committee to establish a new community health clinic for uninsured adults and families. Prior to earning a MBA, I earned a Masters of Arts (MA) in Communication from West Virginia University and within a month after graduating, I took a job as an Adjunct Instructor for teaching English, Reading, Speech 101 and Public Speaking for 4 years. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication from Arizona State University. It was always my lifelong ambition to teach adults academic and skills classes so that they may develop both personally and professionally and advance in careers. It gives me great personal satisfaction when I have taught someone something that really makes a difference in their lives. For this reason, I came to be a BrainMass author and hope to create more “ah-ha” moments for more people.

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