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    Organizational Behavior

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    This book focuses on the very basics of organizational behavior and its various components. While it is a vast subject with a continuously changing framework, we focus on the areas that are necessary to understand in order to fully grasp the topic.
    This book is ideal for students who are starting to learn about organizational behavior and human resources, and would like a strong grasp of the basics of the topics. When reading this book, it is highly recommended that the chapters be read in order, as each new topic builds on the previously discussed topic. As you may encounter new terminology, a glossary is included at the end of the book in order to facilitate understanding the various new terms. It is also strongly advocated that you review the links available in the additional resources section, as they offer additional information regarding the various topics included in this book.

    An Introduction to Organizational Behavior

    The topic of business is a large and complex area. It includes a wide variety of different theories, topics, and models. One of the goals of organizational behavior is to try and understand the internal functions of businesses. In other terms, how organizations react to change in their environment, and what do these changes really mean?

    Managing organizational behavior involves a many responsibilities. These involve acquiring, developing, managing, and applying the knowledge, skills, and the abilities of people. A strategic approach to organizational behavior rests on the premise that people are the foundation for any firm s competitive advantage. In today s globalized world, human resources have become a critical and foundational concept of organizations. Without the proper application of organizational behavior, the knowledge and skills of people in the organization may not be utilized effectively.

    Those who study organizational behavior can appreciate the importance of strategically managing people in order to gain advantage over competitors and ensuring positive organizational performance. This book will help students better understand the relevance of managing people, allowing the student to integrate these concepts with knowledge gained in other core business topics.

    Organizational behavior a wide and far-reaching area and made up of numerous topics. What this book does is address the fundamental and basic areas of organizational behavior. It is not possible to fully cover the topic of organizational behavior in any one book, however, this book presents to you the most fundamental and foundational areas that make up organizational behavior.