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    Making a Presentation Memorable and Meaningful

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    AnnaMaria Bliven, MBA (#115522)

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    Everything You Need to Know about Making a Presentation Memorable and Meaningful describes five elements of what makes a presentation memorable and meaningful; and techniques for being well prepared. The book applies this knowledge to help you always succeed as a presenter. It also provides you with exercises you can use repeatedly to make sure you are delivering a relevant and meaningful presentation.

    Getting an “A” grade for a class presentation is what most students strive for and the content of this book will help you achieve that. Everything You Need to Know about Making a Presentation Memorable and Meaningful will also help you outside the classroom, like when you are in the work place and you are asked to make a presentation. Or in cases when you are in the community and you are invited to speak to a group of people about some important topic. You could even find yourself in a situation when your child comes to you and says “tomorrow is ‘Parent’s Day’ at my school, could you come to my classroom and give a speech about your job?”

    Being a successful speaker that delivers a great presentation in the classroom, workplace and community will help open doors of opportunity that could lead to a bright and wonderful future. It’s exciting to know that after giving a great presentation, the audience may smile and stand on their feet, and there could even be golden opportunities that could lead to greater heights in your academic as well as occupational career.

    An Introduction to Making a Presentation Memorable and Meaningful

    What makes a presentation memorable and meaningful? We have all heard presentations that were boring, and we also heard presentations that made us smile and even stand on our feet and applaud. What made the difference is the presentations we enjoyed the most had these five elements: audience analysis, appropriate topic, meeting and exceeding expectations, skillful use of verbal and non-verbal communication, and a capstone that puts the presentation in a nut-shell.

    When we heard the presentation that made us smile and stand on our feet, we were moved as an audience by the skillful way in which the presenter delivered the message. The presenter spoke to our experiences, concerns, aspirations; used the power of evidence to meet and exceed our expectations; used verbal and non-verbal communication to capture and keep our attention; and brought us into the presentation, like we were experiencing the message and visualizing ourselves in the message as it was being delivered. Then, the ending was swift, yet highly relevant to our circumstances and we felt good and were in agreement with our stance on the topic and emotionally stimulated.

    Now you are wondering, can I as a student and future speaker really make a presentation that could make my audience smile, relate to it and enjoy it? You bet you can, and this book will help you.

    This book will show you the elements every great presentation has and how to apply those elements to any given topic. This book will also help you with the most important element: audience analysis. It is broken down into three simple categories so you can remember how to conduct an audience analysis that captures and continues to keep the attention and focus of your audience.

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    Watching people have “ah-ha” moments is motivation for my work. For the past 35 years, I have been involved in writing and presenting various topics to various audiences ranging from 3 to 3000. I have authored two published books, many articles and blogs. After earning a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care Management from Colorado Technical University Online, I directed a free dental clinic for 3 years and worked on a committee to establish a new community health clinic for uninsured adults and families. Prior to earning a MBA, I earned a Masters of Arts (MA) in Communication from West Virginia University and within a month after graduating, I took a job as an Adjunct Instructor for teaching English, Reading, Speech 101 and Public Speaking for 4 years. My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Communication from Arizona State University. It was always my lifelong ambition to teach adults academic and skills classes so that they may develop both personally and professionally and advance in careers. It gives me great personal satisfaction when I have taught someone something that really makes a difference in their lives. For this reason, I came to be a BrainMass author and hope to create more “ah-ha” moments for more people.

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