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    Exam Preparation

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    Stephanie Higley, MEd (#106985)

    This book is a complete reference guide on how to prepare for an exam. It includes a general overview of different exam formats (multiple choice, essay, true/false, etc.) and how to adapt your study skills to meet those formats. Additionally, you will find tips for overcoming test anxiety and the best ways to prepare for an exam in a short amount of time. Sample study schedules are also included.

    This book is ideal for test-takers of any age! Exam preparation skills are widely expected, but rarely taught in the secondary and post-secondary classroom. A firm grasp of how to prepare for an exam is essential for students of all ages, from high school to graduate school.

    An Introduction to Exam Preparation

    Assessments are an inevitable part of academia. Students knowledge may be evaluated in projects, presentations, and portfolios; perhaps the most common form of assessment is an exam. Because every exam is unique with different concepts, structure, format, length, and weight adequate preparation is key to your success.

    Exam preparation is nothing new. Even those who avoid it at all costs understand its importance. It is simply a dreaded chore. It is time consuming and daunting to pour over notes and textbooks simply with the hope that you will retain enough to pass. The trouble is, many students waste time studying incorrectly. And perhaps if we learned to work smart and not hard when preparing, it might not be so terrible. We all process information uniquely, so different study strategies are more effective for different learners. The key is making your study habits match your learning style. In this book, you will find everything you need to know about how to study smart and get the most out of exam preparation.

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    Stephanie Higley, MEd

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    Stephanie Higley earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2007 and her Master's degree in Instructional Leadership and Curriculum at the University of Oklahoma in 2011. She taught language arts at the secondary level in Oklahoma City for two years and now lives in New Jersey with her husband, daughter, and two cats.
    Stephanie's background in writing, education, and the arts has provided her with a knowledge and range of experience to best help students and scholars in many areas. She embraces a collaborative approach to education and enjoys acting as a guide throughout the learning process. In addition to writing eBooks, Stephanie is always available for special requests in the BrainMass Custom Help service.

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