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    Being a Great Online Student

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    Stu Cooke (#108922)

    This book will help you with the challenge of being an online learner. On top of the responsibilities of school, which include new concepts, homework, exams, essays, assignments and studying, the online learner is often faced with the added trials of maintaining employment, a healthy family environment and some semblance of a social life. In a perfect world, the online learner would have all the time needed to tackle their problems one by one, but in the modern world, results are expected yesterday and "it can wait" are three words that are uttered all too rarely.

    Within the contents of this book, you'll find winning strategies for keeping yourself motivated, efficient, happy and healthy while you're an online student.?

    An Introduction to Being a Great Online Student

    There are 168 hours in every week. In that time, we will have many experiences, talk to many people, be in many different places and concentrate on many different things. The average week, of course, is a great deal like the average month, which is a lot like the average year. In the finite time we possess, our attention will shift towards many things. And sometimes, we decide to add schooling on top of our already busy lives, with the goal of improving ourselves!

    The average online student is someone with a little life experience under their belt, who's been through a few things and has made the decision to do something different, or to finish something they started long ago. Some will have a marriage, some will have children, some will be single and some will also be working on a career. Some will have health concerns and some will not, some will be fans of sports and some will prefer to read. The point is that the average online student is anything but average and can come from a variety of backgrounds and have any number of things going on in their lives. Despite that, every single online student has one thing in common; they're facing a challenge!

    As you read this, you're probably nodding your head in agreement. Learning new things is always difficult for the brain, which would much rather continue to do things the way it always has. The challenge of going to school online is unique, as you lack a concrete schedule, have few opportunities to interact with teachers and often work by yourself. That's where this book comes in.

    Study skills can be defined as those things that help you to understand the material in front of you. They're learning techniques and tactics, all designed to help you move toward your goal, whatever that goal may be. Study skills can be utilized in the classroom but when that classroom is your apartment or your house, a whole new set of skills is needed.

    This book will help you learn how to be a better online student. The techniques talked about within this book will help you to first manage your time more effectively, which will ensure that the time you spend studying is productive, while still allowing you to make-good on your other responsibilities. Secondly, they will enable you to improve your communication skills along with give you insight into your personal learning style. Finally, this book will help you to stay motivated while you're working on your educational goals.

    Being an online student requires a specific set of skills that were once-upon-a-time, completely unrelated to academics. With this book at your side, you'll be fully equipped to schedule your time, hit your goals and master the art of online education.

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