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    Attachment Theory, Styles and Behaviors

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    Rehema Underwood, PhD (IP) (#115412)

    Everything You Need to Know About Attachment Theory, Styles, and Behaviors reviews the foundation of attachment theory, from infant attachment to adult attachment. This book also examines the different types of parent-child attachment and adult attachment. Students will be exposed to research involving the different styles of attachment and how they relate to certain types of behaviors and relationships. Everything You Need to Know About Attachment Theory, Styles, and Behaviors examines how one’s personality traits relate to one’s attachment style, and how adult attachment is measured.

    Everything You Need to Know about Attachment Theory, Styles, and behaviors is ideal for upper level undergraduate students and graduate students whose discipline is within the field of psychology. The attachment theory, styles, and behaviors book will also help students gain a better understanding of attachment style and its relationship to personality and adult attachment styles, and to become familiar with different scales used to measure adult attachment.

    An Introduction to Attachment Theory, Styles and Behaviors

    Have you ever wondered why people react differently to the same situation? Or why some people have difficulties forming relationships with others? Many of us have either witnessed others struggle with forming trusting and long-lasting relationships with others, or have had personal experiences with it. What if I told you such challenges could be due (at least in part) to the way people relate to their parents or primary caretakers when they are infants? The quality of these early relationships is known as “attachment.” If you are interested in personality, adult relationships, work habits, or any other topics that feature interpersonal relationships, then attachment is a topic you should be familiar with.

    Here you will learn about different “styles” of attachment (types of relationship styles in both infants and adults), how early childhood attachment develops into adult attachment, and how attachment styles are related to other things, like personality traits (Mikulincer & Shaver, 1997; Muris, Meesters, & Spinder, 2003). We’ll talk about attachment theory, about how attachment relates to personality, and about how researchers measure personality.

    After reading this book, students should have a better understanding of the different attachment styles and on how each style of attachment influences personality and behaviors. Students will also have a basic knowledge of the different types of scales used for measuring adult attachment.

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