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    Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay

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    This book describes the steps needed to write a dynamic five-paragraph essay. By learning this basic essay format, the writer will be prepared to conquer all types of college writing.

    This book is ideal for high school and college students, English as a second language students, and students who have been removed from an academic setting for a number of years.

    An Introduction to Writing a 5-Paragraph Essay

    Writing a college essay can be a difficult experience! But it does not have to be. With some organization and a good plan, the writing process can be seemingly painless and even fun. This guild will help with the organization of a five-paragraph essay. Included will be information about choosing a topic, creating a rough outline, and producing a polished final paper. Almost every type of essay that will be assigned to write in college will follow this basic format, so mastering it at the five-paragraph level will be very beneficial to the future success of college writing.