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    The Types of Renewable Energy

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    Anindita Bhattacharjee, MSc (#110937)

    The book presents alternative energy options clearly and concisely. Each form of renewable energy is discussed with definitions, the history of use, the present technology being used to harness the energy, the advantages and disadvantages of this energy and the country that is using the energy at present times for large scale electricity generation.

    This book is ideal for students who are seeking information in alternate forms of energy or for students who require a quick overview in renewable energy.

    An Introduction to The Types of Renewable Energy

    The need for renewable energy:
    Our world in present times is filled with machines and gadgets and most of them require electricity to run. Most of this electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, petroleum, and natural gas. If all of these sources were exhausted our lives would come to a standstill. Hence, the need to find alternative sources of energy becomes very necessary.

    Renewable energy is the energy which comes from natural sources and is inexhaustible. Wind, solar, biomass, tides, geothermal and hydroelectric are all renewable sources of energy. These energy sources are not only renewable but also clean and do not pollute the environment. Thus, lots of research and resources are being spent to develop these kinds of energy and make it as good energy generated from conventional sources.

    Non-renewable energy is a natural source which cannot be produced, generated, grown or used on a scale to match the sustainable rate. Fossil fuels, coal, natural gas are some examples of non-renewable energy. These resources will soon get exhausted as it is being used faster than it can be produced (fossil fuels are formed from animal and plants decaying under pressure for centuries).


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