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    The Schrodinger Equation

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    David Terr, PhD (#109641)

    The main focus of this book is how to find solutions to the Schrodinger equation, an important part of any introductory course in quantum mechanics. First we introduce and derive both the time-dependent and time-independent versions of the Schrodinger equation. Then we present several examples of quantum-mechanical systems and solve the Schrodinger equation in each case.


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    David Terr, PhD is a UC Berkeley alumnus with a PhD in number theory as well as a Master's degree in physics from the University of Chicago. He has worked for many years as a software engineer. David also has several years of teaching experience at various universities and community colleges, where he has taught courses in first and second year calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, algebra, statistics, and various undergraduate physics courses. He has worked as an Expert for BrainMass since September 2011.

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