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    Nursing School Success

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    Carmel Philistin, MBA/HCM (#106802)

    This book describes the entire process from applying to nursing school to landing a job as a Registered Nurse. For example, it discusses what nursing programs look for as well as the challenges nursing students face, such as using the right study techniques ,and juggling time and money while attending this very stringent program. It also offers various tips and pitfalls to look out for in order to make the pre-nursing, nursing, and post-nursing school process a success. Overall, this book is based on the personal experiences of individuals who have attended diverse BSN programs and were either successful or unsuccessful while in their program. It will serve as a stepping-stone for your success as a Registered Nurse.

    This book is ideal for any individual who is considering nursing as a career, plans to attend a BSN program, is currently attending a BSN program, or simply wishes to obtain more information about the BSN program for various reasons, such as supporting someone else who either already attends a BSN program or is planning to attend one.

    An Introduction to Nursing School Success

    According to the Gallup poll, nursing has been ranked the #1 in the most respected professions in the US for several years (Terry et al., 2011) and nursing school is undoubtedly one of the most demanding programs you will ever attempt at any college or university. Nursing is a noble profession that requires professional maturity and a great sense of understanding and responsibility. Moreover, nursing requires more than just book knowledge or even physical skills; It requires the human component of caring. To be a good nurse, one needs to be compassionate, be a good communicator, a leader, an advocate, an advisor, a researcher, and a dedicated learner. In fact, many nurses are strong advocates in promoting the passing of laws to benefit the population as a whole. Whether you are reading this book to get information for yourself or for someone else, you will soon learn that the nursing school process is very structured and is designed to prepare nurses to gain the knowledge needed to become proficient at one of today s most exciting careers.

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    Carmel Philistin, MBA/HCM

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    I have been writing and teaching for over 10 years. After earning a B.A. in psychology with a minor in sociology and working as a substance abuse counselor, I decided to go back to school and earn a Master' degree in Business Administration and Health Care Management, and later, a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) degree. I have worked as a clinical team leader/manager for a community program servicing the mentally ill and substance abuser, as a substitute teacher and a private tutor. My first romance novel "Facing Our Skeletons" was published in 2004 under the name Carmel S. Victor, followed by my poetry book "Every Day Again", and my children's book "Mikki's Choice". I found my niche as an Expert on Brainmass since August 2009, assisting students with mastering the subject at hand. My motto is "The sky is the limit when it comes to what the mind can achieve."

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