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    This book includes an introduction to basic concepts such as working with database objects and functions. The first chapter of this book includes an insight into the most commonly used database object (i.e. tables) and will help students in how to work with tables. The second chapter includes an insight into various MySQL® functions most of which are essential for web programmers. The software used in this book is MySQL® version 5.5.24. A free version of the software is available for download in the following link:


    This book is ideal for students in the first year of their undergraduate studies in computer science/information systems or any student aspiring to be a web programmer and intends to work with PHP. This book would be ideal for students familiar with basic concepts of database design such as the differences between relational and non-relational databases.

    An Introduction to MySQL®

    MySQL® is the most popular open source database preferred mainly by web programmers. This book is introductory and is suitable for students intending to master web programming. Students having prior knowledge of basic database design skills would benefit the most from this book. MySQL® is often bundled with Apache webserver and PHP into packages such as WAMP and XAMPP. These packages are quite popular with web programmers using open source software. The popularity of PHP for web programming makes it imperative for web programmers to have an understanding of basic MySQL®. This book is suitable for all students who want to obtain an understanding of the basic concepts of MySQL®.