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    How the Adult Brain Learns

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    Jennifer Kavanagh, PhD (IP) (#111251)

    This book describes how the adult brain learns by reviewing recent research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education. It is a widely held belief that once we reach adulthood we become too set in our ways to change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. However, research is proving that adult brains continue to learn throughout one?s lifetime with more emphasis on developing wisdom than memorizing lists and multiplication tables. By understanding the unique ways in which adults learn, we can enhance our own learning and success at work and school, design more effective training programs, improve the performance of employees, and increase business success.

    This book is ideal for individuals who are attending college or university and want to understand exactly how the brain learns and what is necessary to make learning stick in the brain. It may also be helpful to university students who are studying education, particularly those interested in adult education in academic, corporate or government settings. While there is no set definition of what age an individual enters adult education, the ideas presented in this book may be relevant to any students over the age of 18. No prior knowledge of neuroscience or adult learning theories is required.

    An Introduction to How the Adult Brain Learns

    When adults return to school or try to learn a new skill or language later in life, they often complain of how challenging it is to learn at an older age. These experiences may have led to the development of the myth that at a certain age, we stop learning. The old adage of it s all downhill from here is believed by many to apply to learning as well as life in general. It is a belief that the human brain is unable to learn new things once we finish traditional schooling. However, there are many stories that contradict this belief when we see senior citizens returning to university to a complete a degree, picking up a new career as a yoga instructor, or starting to campaign in politics. The reality is that all of us have the opportunity to continue learning and growing well into our senior years, but we must continue to utilize and challenge our brain in order to do so.

    Researchers now know that the brain is like the muscles in our body, and through repeated exercises it can continue to evolve and grow, regardless of our age. The key is to recognize how to exercise the brain properly to achieve the desired results. This book is an introduction to how the adult brain may continue to grow and change later in life, with practical tips for studying, learning, and teaching.


    About the Author

    Jennifer Kavanagh, PhD (IP)

    Active since Jan 2013

    Jennifer began her professional career as a teacher and facilitator seven years ago by designing and facilitating training programs with corporate, academic and non-profit organizations across Canada. She has worked with organizations like Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG), Population Services International, Barrie Green Party, Wal-Mart Canada, Allegis Group Canada, Academica Group, Georgian College, Humber College, and Fanshawe College and several small businesses to develop and deliver innovative training programs. She has served as a consultant to senior executives in developing learning and engagement strategies, developed programs ranging from technical computer courses to workplace orientations, and addressed organizational performance issues through the development of competency-based training and leadership programs. <br/><br/>

    Jennifer currently resides in Barrie, Ontario but feels most at home when she is fulfilling her lifelong goal of travelling the entire world. She enjoys spending time outdoors, whether she is reading in a hammock, hiking through the forest, or rappelling down waterfalls.

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