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    The History of Human Population

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    LaDonna Ferrier, PhD (#109611)

    This book describes population similarities and differences between humans and other species. It shows how changes in technology have affected the world population growth. The book demonstrates that humans, like other organisms, are subject to natural laws and ecological processes, but show significant differences from other species in their ability to change their own world.

    This book is ideal for students studying history and/or environmental science.

    An Introduction to The History of Human Population

    Ecologists study populations and communities to further understand and manage natural resources. Humans are animals and ecologists can ask many of the same questions they would if they were studying a bear; but humans are eccentric. They can think and make decisions about their own fertility, they learn ethics that affect their decisions, and can use technology to prolong life and increase food production. Humans even use money, and its economic impact of money that drives survival more than evolutionary fitness.

    From a population perspective, the 20th century was remarkable: we started the century with fewer than 2 billion people on Earth and ended with 6 billion and counting. The first section of this book introduces some key concepts in the study of population such as: the law of limiting factors, carrying capacity, and growth rates. The second section explains the different lifestyles of species with respect to reproductive characteristics, r-selected species and k-selected species. Section three relates past historical revolutions to its effect of todays large global population.

    This book discusses how human populations are similar to and different from populations of other species. You will see how historic changes in technology have affected our population growth, and how that growth can affect the rest of the world


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