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    A Need to Know Template: End User Information Systems Policy

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    Rob Beachy, MS (#110890)

    This book is a policy template that can be modified and used within your company. Templates are meant to provide a basic structure for a policy and are not deemed to be a one size fits all policy for every situation. If any part of this policy template is in question, you may want to seek the advice of a corporate attorney.

    An End User Information Technology Policy is needed to ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities in regards to conduct and safeguarding of information and corporate data.

    This book is ideal for the Information Technology professional that has been tasked with creating an End User Information Technology policy.

    An Introduction to A Need to Know Template: End User Information Systems Policy

    Personal computers (PCs), mobile devices, and Internet resources have become a powerful yet complex tool for [Company Name]. When used effectively, technology can significantly increase the productivity of employees and business activities. The Corporate Strategic Plan and external regulation require PCs be properly managed. This policy contains rules and working guidelines to be applied to the uses of this technology at [Company Name].

    It is [Company Name] s intention to provide each employee reasonable access to the technology required to fulfill the responsibility of their position.

    It is also [Company Name] s objective to adequately safeguard the computing environment to ensure appropriate confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data generated and to reasonably protect the significant dollar investment [Company Name] has made in this technology.

    It is the responsibility of each individual user of [Company Name] s computing resources to adhere to the guidelines set forth in this policy. It shall be made clear to all employees that all personal computers and software are the sole property of [Company Name] and as such are subject to monitoring without employee consent. Employees who violate any of these guidelines will be subject to the same disciplinary actions that accompany infractions of other [Company Name] policies. These actions may include counseling statements, suspensions and/or termination.
    This Policy is effective immediately.


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