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    Effective Letter Writing for Business Professionals

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    Sheterra Jenkins, MA (#109225)

    This book describes the art of letter writing for business professionals. Through reading this book you will learn the essentials of crafting a well executed professional response to customers from saying thank you to remedying complaints. The reality is that each time a business professional interacts with a client it provides the opportunity to establish or reaffirm a positive relationship between the consumer and company. Therefore, how one chooses to respond in writing will leave a lasting impression on both current and prospective customers.

    This book is ideal for high school and college level students, business professionals from various industries and secondary institutions.

    An Introduction to Effective Letter Writing for Business Professionals

    Effective written communications are vital to the success of any organization or business professional. Being able to appropriately and professionally respond to inquiries from both internal and external customers is critical in sustaining excellent public relations. A well written letter, whether it is composed to say thank you or in response to a consumer complaint, will go a long way in retaining ones customer base.

    It is even more important for administrative professionals and executives to understand how to write well in order to communicate ones thoughts, instructions, directives, or to simply correspond with colleagues, clients and superiors.

    You will first learn the basics of letter writing and then review samples of response letters to three letters written by prospective and existing customers. You may use these examples as the framework to create your own eloquent letters and memorandums.

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