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Film, Pay Day

Film - "Payday" (1972) Starring Rip Torn (available through Netflix or Blockbuster online)

I am looking for information as to the underlying theme of this film. I would like the theme explained, as I had trouble with the clarity of it.

I don't want a retelling of the plot, as I have seen the movie, I am simply trying to pinpoint what the theme was and find examples from the film that make it clear.

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First off, as you generally explicate theme in this complex, powerful film, I see one of the main messages or theme as possibly the existential struggle of the "starving" artist or musician to gain fame in life and to also expedite his own talents. Please note how Maury tries endlessly to imprint his name into musical history in whatever manner he can find, even lawlessly, immorally, or ruthlessly as he does repeatedly in the film.

Since the movie chronicles Maury's various outlandish adventures, I think it is expressing how difficult it is for artists not to succumb ...

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Film, Pay Day, is briefly explicated.