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The Solution Library is a massive collection of academic questions and their corresponding solutions. There are also a wide array of academic eBooks included in the BrainMass Solution Library. Our answers help you to fully understand ANY academic concept studied from High-School through to University. If you're struggling with any question within any topic, chances are you'll find the answer within the Solution Library.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the BrainMass Solution Library:

How Does the Solution Library Work?

BrainMass is very easy to use. Type a few words from the problem you're studying into our search field and browse the results, which will include Solutions and eBooks. After you find a library solution or eBook that's applicable and go through a brief payment process, you'll be able to download the answer instantly.


Who Writes the Solutions and eBooks?

Every solution & eBook at BrainMass was prepared by a Graduate-Level Expert, Tutor or Professor from a top University. We carefully screen every Expert that works for us to ensure they're knowledgeable and then teach them the best way to provide solutions to academic questions. The result is a fantastic collection of academic minds ready and willing to provide exceptional aid to students like you. In addition, at BrainMass, you're able to interact with the Experts who have been helping you.


Why do I have to give my email address?

BrainMass provides you access to the solution you've purchased via email and instant download. This way, even if you lose the instant solution we provide, the link in your email will still be available. You can rest easy knowing your solution won't be misplaced.


How do I pay for Solutions from the Solution Library?

BrainMass uses PayPal to facilitate payments. Through PayPal, you can use Visa©, MasterCard©, American Express© and Discover© credit cards, or transfer funds from your PayPal account to BrainMass. If you do not already have a PayPal account, creating one takes only a few minutes and can be linked with your Bank Account to safely make purchases on the Internet. Bulk purchases for schools, libraries, student groups, and parent associations are also available.


What will the solution look like?

All solutions provide step-by-step explanations to the problem listed. Depending on the nature of the question, solutions will consist of in-depth writing , attached documentation, additional references, extra sources of information, pictures and anything the expert preparing the solution thought relevant.


What level of detail is covered?

BrainMass covers subjects that are studied at the high-school level, the undergraduate level and the post-graduate level. Each problem's solution is fully explained and many provide additional resources to use. Be sure to read the problem description carefully in order to get a good idea of what level the solution was designed for.


What if I need more information on a topic?

Many solutions will provide you with additional resources to further your understanding of a topic. They can consist of specific books relating to your question, articles written by experts, Internet links as well as interviews. If you still require more information, then you can opt to use our Custom Help service, which will allow you to post a specific problem for an expert to help you with.


What if I can't find what I'm looking for?

If you're unable to find an solution within the Library that fits your needs, then you are able to ask our pool of experts a question by using the Custom Help service.


What if I'm not satisfied with the solution?

We aim to ensure that every single customer is satisfied with their experience at BrainMass. If for any reason, you are not happy with the service provided, please email us using help@brainmass.com. If your point has merit, we will offer you a complimentary download so that you may find an alternate solution.


What if I can't access my solution?

If you're having any trouble with accessing your solution, please check your email for any information that may have been sent to you (and your junk mail folder as well). If you're still having troubles, please email help@brainmass.com for assistance.


How long can I access my solution for?

If you register an account with BrainMass, you will have access to all the solutions you've purchased for as long as you wish to use the service. If you choose to purchase an solution without registering, it will be available to you for seven days.


Is this considered cheating?

No. BrainMass offers a service that aids in the understanding of academic concepts. As such, the help available will be of assistance to you in your studying and preparation. We are not a service that provides homework answers.


Can I hand my solution in?

No. The answers available here are meant for assistance and the understanding of challenging academic topics. Instead, use the solution alongside your own work and watch your knowledge and grades soar!


Can I use BrainMass Solutions as a reference in my assignments?

Although our service is meant primarily for assistance, it is possible to source our experts for research purposes using the following format:

[Expert Name], Academic Expert [Expert #], Posting Code [Posting Code], http://brainmass.com (hyperlinked if submitted electronically), [Month], [Year].