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Programming: Software Testing

Briefly discuss software testing as a career path, what skills would be desirable for a software tester.

Explain why the rules for the order of operations are necessary; give an example to back up your explanation.

The techniques for solving linear equations and linear inequalities are similar, yet different. Explain and give an example of both a linear equation and a linear inequality that demonstrates this difference.

Give an example of using the distributive property for a negative monomial times a trinomial with different signs on the terms [for example: -3x(2xy + 3y - 2x)] and show each step of the distribution. Why do you think many students make sign errors on this type of problem

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Software testing as a career path has a wide opportunities. Many companies that have software as its commercial product, or have depended on in-house software development for its internal operations have career opportunities for individuals pursuing software testing. The career can be difficult in terms of the tasks to be done, but the reward is very fruitful in the industry. A software tester should have the knowledge of different programming languages to be able to check the codes when problems are encountered. Having good analysis skills are ...

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