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Unfair Labor Practices

1. For each of the three scenarios, determine whether you think an unfair labor practice would be committed if you as a manager act on the request that is being given to you by management or employees. Which unfair labor practice(s) could be violated? In some situations, more than one unfair labor practice could occur.

2. Place yourself in the position of the manager in each of the scenarios and respond to each of the requests. If you decided to reject or accept the request, indicate the reason for your decision. Then develop a suggest plan of action that will deal with the issue that has been brought to your attention.


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1. As a manager, I would definitely not act on the request from employees to help to get rid of the union. If I acted in this situation, I would be violating the unfair labor practice of interfering with the activities of a union. The plan of action that I would use in this situation, would be to refer these employees to legal counsel that will better be able to help them with this situation.

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