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Starbucks and the Four Phases of Innovation

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Using Starbucks as the company write a paper in which you identify and discuss the four basic phases of the innovative process and how you will apply the innovative process to change your selected organization. Identify the appropriate tools and techniques to be used in this process and explain why they were selected. Be sure to discuss how you will measure your results and what steps your selected organization will take to ensure continuous improvement.

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The following guide will further assist you with your studies on this subject of the innovation process. I used the centrics example, as this example is clear and well understood.

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Starbucks is an international company with one goal. Increase market share through dominance. Rarely can a consumer drive one mile without seeing a Starbucks and when seeing the Starbucks the facility is often full. Today's turbulent economy paints a grim picture on businesses. Many businesses are closing their doors daily. How is it that Starbucks is still opening franchises throughout the nation and world? This paper will discuss the four phases of the innovative process through centrics. Innovative-centric, Business-centric, Techno-centric, and Customer-centric to advise how these innovative processes can assist the organization in expanding further.


Innovative-centric businesses stand the test of time and revenues remain level even in a weary economy. Starbucks, iPod and BMW. What is the one thing common in these three brands? Each one of them commands a premium over similar products of other brands. It is amazing to see how the customer who creeps so much in filling gas at $4 per gallon, feels so good buying a grande (about 350 ml) latte from Starbucks for the same price, even when the same coffee at other places is available for much less. Similar comparisons can be drawn for other products varying from a music player (iPod) to a pair of running shoes (Nike) to a car (BMW) to almost anything else." (White 2007)

White is correct in her observation of the business, as gas was soaring six months ago, the lines at the Starbucks were ...

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This paper will discuss the innovative process for Starbucks and how the company, through the process of centrics, can meet consumer demand without overburdening the company's expected expansion and growth.